I Want To Be A Writer When I Grow Up

So, I thought I would start a blog to display some of my personal writings. I would love feed back on any or all of it! I welcome constructive criticism, or words of encouragement!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I debated about posting this poem... but in the end I decided to go ahead. I mean, most women can relate. It stinks to be a woman once a month! :-)

Melancholy sneaks up behind me
It surrounds me before I realize
The atrocious time has arrived.
Pretending it’s nothing,
But an “extra special week.”
The abominable malady attacks.
Leaving behind devastation… misery… unsightly gore…
desperation… irrational feelings…
But it doesn’t last.
Joy returns.
Only to be antagonized again –
Every month –
By the worst of monsters –

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