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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This year I am required to have my choir class write during their class period. So I have them write in a journal twice a week. I always give them a prompt. And I always write with them! :-) Here is the first prompt, and my response:

Musical styles change over the decades. The hit of 1946 was Perry Como’s “Prisoner of Love.” The top song of 1956 was “Don’t be Cruel” by Elvis Presley. The 1966 favorite was “The Battle of the Green Barets.” In 1976, it was Wings’ “Silly Love Songs,” and in 1986, Dionne Warwick sang “That’s What Friends Are For.” What was your favorite hit song? Why? What do you remember about the year it was a hit?

Favorite is a difficult word for me. I have a hard time choosing favorites because it depends on my mood. But - ONE of my favorite hit songs is Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me." The song was really popular when I was 15-16 years old. I remember cruising North Avenue with my girlfriend, Mariann Konakis and my sister. We would turn the car stereo on as loud as we possibly could, roll down the windows and sing along with the song! It's a happy, and crazy memory. Later, I actually used the same song in a silly Seminary video about D&C 25:12. I portrayed a "bad" girl auditioning for heaven with"Pour Some Sugar On Me." Of course, I didn't make it to heaven in our skit. Mickey Matlo and Damon Sheneman auditioned with the song, "Like Unto Us" and St. Peter let them throught the pearly gates! :-)

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  1. I remember all of those songs from the various decades. 1956 was the year Elvis broke into the mainstrem and he had about 12 hits that year. I did a version of Don't be Cruel in my schools talent show.

    In 1966 I was in the military and engaged to my wife. We both found meaning in that song, and luckily I came home instead of the way the song ends.

    I could no more identify a single song as my favorite than I could identify the best meal I've eaten in my life.

    You're lucky you didn't get a ticket cruising around singing. Or, maybe you did?