I Want To Be A Writer When I Grow Up

So, I thought I would start a blog to display some of my personal writings. I would love feed back on any or all of it! I welcome constructive criticism, or words of encouragement!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have a terrible problem with allergies.... Thanks, dad, for sharing that with me! :-) Here's my poem complaining about my nose!

I smell yellow –
My nasal passages
swell to the size of footballs.
Labored breathing….
The aroma around me is green –
My schnoz feels like
a watermelon.
Sensitive sinuses….
The stench of orange is in the air –
My adenoids are
fussy, inconsolable children.
Watery eyes….
I catch a whiff of pink and red –
A traffic jam has
found my snout.
Itchy tonsils….
I really dislike the colorful scents of allergies!

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