I Want To Be A Writer When I Grow Up

So, I thought I would start a blog to display some of my personal writings. I would love feed back on any or all of it! I welcome constructive criticism, or words of encouragement!

Monday, August 31, 2009


The assignment I gave my student was to write a poem about what they heard when they listened to Duke Ellington. We discussed some words associated with "jazz." The kids did a great job! Here's my poem:

Dig those sassy sounds
Satin tones rushing over the ivories
Hot-buttered jazz harmonies rock the joint
Flashy beats with rat-a-tat-tat rhythms
Tickle the eighty-eights, Daddy-O
Fresh motifs with righteous riffs
Smooth gig
Frisking the whiskers
Jamming with the cats
The Duke beat it out on his storehouse, brother!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is from last years AIMS testing! :-) Enjoy!

Today is examinations, the Arizona way.
I feel like I should wax poetic, on this special day.
I’d rather be home sleeping or reading in my chair,
Instead I’m vigilantly policing – life really isn’t fair!
I’m arduously trying to make this ordeal pleasant,
But students are despondent while engaging their brains at present.
I’m curious what would happen if I stood upon my head
On top of an enormous rhino, who slumbered on a bed.
The pupils probably wouldn’t notice anything out of place
They’d focus on their answer sheets or gaze out into space.
So I guess I’ll be content to rhyme and pen this measure –
Perhaps someday this creation will be someone’s literary treasure!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Campaign Song

Here's my prompt:
When candidates run for office, they often choose a theme song for the campaign. In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt chose “Happy Days Are Here Again.” John F. Kennedy had “High Hopes” in 1960. For his 1948 run for the presidency, Harry Truman picked “I’m Just Wile About Harry.” If you were running for office, what campaign song would get your vote? Why? If you can’t think of a current song, what would be the title of a NEW song? Why?

If I were running for election and had to choose a theme song, I would definitely have Donny Osmond and Jack Johnson sing the song together! Wouldn't that be awesome?!
And because I absolutely love Broadway music, I would have to choose a song from a Broadway show. I would vote for the song "This Is The Moment." The lyrics are perfect for a campaign, or any important choice you have to make. I wish I had written the words! They deserve to be heard, believed and felt by everyone!
This is the moment!
This is the day,
When I send all my doubts and demons
On their way!
Every endeavor,
I have made - ever -
Is coming into play,
Is here and now - today!
This is the moment,
This is the time,
When the momentum and the moment
Are in rhyme!
This is the moment,
When all I've done -
All the dreaming,
Scheming and screaming,
Become one!
This is the day -
See it sparkle and shine,
When all I've lived for
Becomes mine!
This is the moment -
My final test -
Destiny beckoned,
I never reckoned,
Second Best!
I won't look down,
I must not fall!
This is the moment,
The sweetest moment of them all!
When I look back,
I will always recall,
Moment for moment,
This was the moment,
The greatest moment
Of them all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This year I am required to have my choir class write during their class period. So I have them write in a journal twice a week. I always give them a prompt. And I always write with them! :-) Here is the first prompt, and my response:

Musical styles change over the decades. The hit of 1946 was Perry Como’s “Prisoner of Love.” The top song of 1956 was “Don’t be Cruel” by Elvis Presley. The 1966 favorite was “The Battle of the Green Barets.” In 1976, it was Wings’ “Silly Love Songs,” and in 1986, Dionne Warwick sang “That’s What Friends Are For.” What was your favorite hit song? Why? What do you remember about the year it was a hit?

Favorite is a difficult word for me. I have a hard time choosing favorites because it depends on my mood. But - ONE of my favorite hit songs is Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me." The song was really popular when I was 15-16 years old. I remember cruising North Avenue with my girlfriend, Mariann Konakis and my sister. We would turn the car stereo on as loud as we possibly could, roll down the windows and sing along with the song! It's a happy, and crazy memory. Later, I actually used the same song in a silly Seminary video about D&C 25:12. I portrayed a "bad" girl auditioning for heaven with"Pour Some Sugar On Me." Of course, I didn't make it to heaven in our skit. Mickey Matlo and Damon Sheneman auditioned with the song, "Like Unto Us" and St. Peter let them throught the pearly gates! :-)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was sad when we finally sold our house in Las Vegas. Here's my poem about it....

It’s just a place…
a habitation…
a residence…
Why do I feel so melancholy?
Memories made there
Babies grow
Husband graduates
I slept alone – but was never lonely.
Seven years of hopes and dreams.
But things change.
A stranger lives there now.
I treasured my Vegas abode.
But I choose family.
HOME is where they are!


I have no idea where these crazy contemplations came from...

What do cars think about all day in the parking lot?
Do shelves feel lonely when not in use?
My elbow needs a Kleenex.
I wonder if there are little people inside outlets?
What is their job when I plug in my toaster?
My ear needs a Kleenex.
What if 7th graders had three noses –
One for smelling, one for breathing and one for show?
My toe needs a Kleenex.
Why don’t posters of musicians sing?
Why don’t poster of athletes trash talk?
My chin needs a Kleenex.
Who is the big bad wolf’s hero?
Do glasses really work? Or are they a conspiracy?
My belly button needs a Kleenex.
What if rubber duckies tried to take over the world?
Why can’t a law be passed making EVERYONE wear yellow?
I like yellow.
My brain needs a Kleenex.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I've always loved numbers, so I decided to try writing a poem about them. Here's what happened....

Bless-ED numbers.
Blissfully fitting into order
Content-ED order
Truthfully keeping math honest
Delight-ED math
Gratefully making life joyful
Satisfi-ED life
Jubilantly leading us to God
Exalt-ED God
Loving caring for us all – with numbers!


I debated about posting this poem... but in the end I decided to go ahead. I mean, most women can relate. It stinks to be a woman once a month! :-)

Melancholy sneaks up behind me
It surrounds me before I realize
The atrocious time has arrived.
Pretending it’s nothing,
But an “extra special week.”
The abominable malady attacks.
Leaving behind devastation… misery… unsightly gore…
desperation… irrational feelings…
But it doesn’t last.
Joy returns.
Only to be antagonized again –
Every month –
By the worst of monsters –

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I was surprised two years ago when I administered the AIMS test to my 6th graders how much I missed standardized testing. I would rather take the test than observe students taking tests. :-) So here are my thoughts in a poem!

On the sidelines
Surprised feelings
Desiring to join in
Yet only being allowed to watch…
To observe…
Youthful games to
“Show what you know.”
Purpose versus power.
I choose purpose.
Walking AIMlessly.
I envy the #2s.
I covet the silent opportunity
To think and write
To bubble and contemplate
To report and ponder
Please! Please! Please!Just give ME the test!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have a terrible problem with allergies.... Thanks, dad, for sharing that with me! :-) Here's my poem complaining about my nose!

I smell yellow –
My nasal passages
swell to the size of footballs.
Labored breathing….
The aroma around me is green –
My schnoz feels like
a watermelon.
Sensitive sinuses….
The stench of orange is in the air –
My adenoids are
fussy, inconsolable children.
Watery eyes….
I catch a whiff of pink and red –
A traffic jam has
found my snout.
Itchy tonsils….
I really dislike the colorful scents of allergies!