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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After the Election....

I wrote this poem after the election. I was really upset that Obama won. But, looking back, I wasn't happy with ANY of the candidates. I think all politics are corrupt right now. I'm worried for America....

Oh, remember the glorious story
Of America and all her glory!
Unfortunately now that Obama has won
A hopeless and frightening new future’s begun.
Looking around; indecency abounds
It’s everywhere: schools, governments and towns.
Socialism is the new way to be “free”
Palosy will tell you just how to be.
It’s Satan’s plan for homosexuals to marry
But Liberal actors say gays should be “we.”
Crime has reach colossal heights
While main street Americans Loose their rights.
Terrorists will be allowed to see more free days
While Joe, the Plumber, will be the one who pays.
Taxes are raised for the “greater good”
Corrupt politicians making laws just ‘cause they could.
Viciousness and suffering cause people to fear
People with morals and values should shed a tear!

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